“21st Century Soup Kitchen with a Twist”

Please donate  $5,  $10,  $20,  $25,  $50,  $100,  $250,  $500 or more to help us provide 600 free dinners to anyone in our community, who needs a hot meal!


Momma’s Kitchen is a brand new 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose main goal is to provide our hungry Washington County residents with a hot, healthy, nutritious and delicious organic dinner; regardless of income, race, religious belief or gender. 

Our "21st Century Soup Kitchen with a Twist" is a new concept based upon a traditional community soup kitchen and a local restaurant style atmosphere.

We truly can be defined as a “Community Kitchen & Restaurant”.

Our main goal is to provide a hot, delicious and organic dinner to anyone and everyone who is unavailable to provide such meals to themselves or their families.

At Momma’s Kitchen, we are creating an atmosphere where people can actually visit our "Community Kitchen & Restaurant" and sit down at a table with plates, glasses and silverware, just like any other restaurant in town, and enjoy a delicious hot meal.

As part of the "21st Century Soup Kitchen with a Twist", those who volunteer sixty (60) minutes at our "Community Kitchen & Restaurant" or other local nonprofit organizations we have partnered with will receive a voucher towards dinner at no cost.

Since Momma’s Kitchen is “Community Kitchen & Restaurant”,  we will also offer anyone & everyone in our community a hot, healthy, nutritious and delicious organic dinner for a small donation a voucher will be provided to exchange for a meal.


These donations will keep the doors open and continued funding to provide our free dinners to our community.

We will also partner with local nonprofit organizations and businesses to sponsor weekly dinners to create and promote a more healthy and informational environment for everyone.

Together we will enjoy music, live entertainment, receive free financial information, health information/benefits, learning healthy & nutritional food facts and foremost letting everyone who cannot afford a hot, healthy dinner that they are truly not a forgotten part of our community.

Below is what your donations will go towards in helping us fund the initial start-up phase for Momma's Kitchen:  

$1,000     Legal & Nonprofit Fees
$6,000     Building Lease -  1st Three (3) Months
$3,000     Utilities  -  1st Three (3) Months
$4,000     Restaurant Equipment
$2,000     Dining Tables & Chairs for 200 People
$1,000     Dining Plates, Silverware, Glasses
$22,000  Food Cost - 1st Three (3) Months 
(200 Dinner Plates x Twelve (12) Days Per Month = 2,400 Dinner Plates Per Month)

All of our labor costs will be 100% volunteer based, at no cost to our bottom line.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The people of Washington County will also "Thank You" for providing them with a hot, delicious and organic meal including a safe, happy, educational restaurant to enjoy their dinner with the community.

Elizabeth Davila
Founder and President


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